English-Italian translation of documents and texts

Translation of texts

If you are concerned that your advertising message sounds less effective when translated into English, turn to Speedy Language Studio, a language services agency with native-speaking translators able to provide state-of-the-art translations of any text.
In fact, at our studio in Bergamo we have a team of translators specialised in the design and drafting of technical manuals and software in English, all structured so that the end user can easily understand and memorize their information.
If the text has been written in English by a third party, you can contact the studio for its revision and correction service. Once completed, the English-Italian translation will be delivered to the customer in the same format and layout with which it was received, offering a complete service. And if the translation is urgent, no problem: to ensure faster service, you can send us documents to be translated via email.

Translation of brochures, websites and technical texts

institutional brochure translations

You can rely on the studio in Bergamo for the translation from Italian into English or English into Italian for:

  • corporate websites, web pages or newsletters;
  • various commercial, technical, economic, tourism or medical-scientific related texts;
  • corporate brochures or brochures for fairs and corporate events;
  • drafting of user manuals and instruction booklets to be attached to products;
  • audio dubbing services.
    For more information click here. We are available to help.
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