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Language services for companies

Are you looking for a studio specialising in the provision of language services that you can entrust with the translation of your company's brochure or for interpreting when you participate in international fairs or welcome foreign customers?
Contact Speedy Language Studio, where you will find a wide range of services tailored to companies operating in any sector. The translators and interpreters of our studio are native speakers with a proven track record in the specialisation they work in. In fact, our agency relies on specialised staff able to navigate 32 different languages, including those used less frequently.

technical scientific, commercial and literary translations, and more..

Technical and scientific translations

Foreign languages ​​are an essential tool for being known around teh world, thus making your company more competitive. That is why our study is organised in such a way as to provide customers with a plurality of available languages, including less common ones, which take advantage of the skills and experience of translators and interpreters who use their native language as a working tool. Our collaborators have proven experience and knowledge related to the areas they specialise in. In addition, with the use of up to date and industry-specific technological tools, we can guarantee a high-quality translations. Thanks to our organisation, which relies on many skilled collaborators, we are able to satisfy - even with lesser-used languages ​​- requests in every field of application, be it technical (textiles, mechanical, electronic, computer, etc.), commercial , promotional, advertising, scientific, medical, economic, financial, legal or literary. We can receive your documents in different formats and return them finalised in the same format and layout, or in the format you requested.

Interpreting and word processing

interpreting services

Regardless of the sector customers operate in, be it technical, textile, mechanical, electronic, computers, commercial, promotional, advertising, medical, scientific, economic, financial, legal or literary, our studio's will provide a precise and effective translation within the set delivery times.
The study's interpreters are also available to provide interpretation services at your corporate headquarters or at fairs and trade shows.

We also provide transcription services of audio-visual materials in different languages.

Quotes for interpreting services

Quotes for interpreting services

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