Corporate language courses, basic and advanced

corporate language courses

Do your employees need to improve their knowledge of foreign languages to increase productivity and make communication with foreign partners more fluid? There is no better solution than organising a language course directly at your corporate headquarters.
By contacting Speedy Language Studio in Bergamo, you can choose from several options and 32 different languages; investing in language courses for your employees represents the first step in the expansion of your worldwide market.

Customised language courses

linguistic training

Speedy Language Studio specialises in organising long or short-term courses, in all languages ​​and at all levels, from basic to advanced conversation classes, from short to full immersion courses, as well as private lessons. The specialised team of teachers or native speakers guarantee the creation of customised and specific courses:

  • Courses in all languages ​​at all levels.
  • Advanced conversation courses.
  • Full immersion.
  • "Face to face" lessons.
  • Custom packages for every business need.

Based on the number of students and specific time limitations, the agency will offer the company a custom package at a competitive price. Our agency's team of teachers consists of native speakers who have taught for many years with methods that ensure success.
The times and days of the courses are flexible and decided together with company management in order to meet specific needs.

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