Language services for companies

Interpreters for trade fairs and conferences, technical and software manual translation

Speedy Language Studio offers a wide range of language services designed to meet companies' daily needs as well as the translation of corporate websites, web pages or periodical newsletters. If your company needs an interpreter to handle phone calls with foreign countries or help with correspondence in other languages, you can contact the studio for an on-site interpreter:

    Interpreting service for fairs and congresses in Italian or other languages.
    Video Dubbing in/from a foreign language. Data entry and processing - word processing. Composition, typing and video desktop publishing with laser printing of technical and scientific manuals, catalogues, reports, price lists, books, brochures and corporate newsletters in Italian and foreign languages.
    Foreign languages ​​are our business, and we have the necessary skills and tools to satisfy the most diverse and specific requirements that must be implemented in collaboration with our customers.
    Our team includes specialists in the preparation of user manuals, instruction booklets and anything else you may need for the documentation accompanying your products.

In collaboration with your technical department, we can produce technical and software manuals with a proven process that makes your manuals easy for users to understand and remember.
We can draft new manuals or revise existing ones and design projects for both your manuals and the organisation of your internal documentation.

    We can help you manage correspondence and negotiations with foreign customers and suppliers.
translation of instruction manuals
web page translation
video dubbing in foreign languages
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